I wear prescription eyeglasses – can I still participate?
If your frames are not overly large, the HTC Vive headset can accommodate glasses within it. But most people find they are able to see just fine without their glasses.

What about motion sickness?
Have you tried other VR systems and felt queasy? The HTC Vive system we feature at The Grid is very high quality VR, and therefore less likely than other VR systems to give negative effects. Still, if your tummy is easily upset, we do have a simple rating system you should follow as you select games from our launcher: “green” games are comfortable for most, while “yellow” and “red” games may, for various reasons, not be as comfortable for some players.

Other people will use the headset. How is it cleaned?
After each session we thoroughly clean all the equipment with alcohol-free disinfectant. Provided in the rooms are baby wipes to wipe down the gear as needed when you pass it along to others in the room (just in case someone worked up a sweat while killing zombies, testing their fear of heights, or are just that kind of person).

What if I want to book a large party?
Each of our three standard rooms can have up to 4 people, while our Premium Room can have up to 6, for a total maximum of 18 across all four rooms.

Are children allowed?
VR headset use is recommended for those aged 14 and older. At a parent's discretion, 8-13 year olds can use the VR equipment if they are 48 inches or taller. 8-13 year olds must be supervised 1 on 1 by an adult in order to participate (only one adult is required per room). No one under the age of 8 will be allowed in the rooms even as spectators due to insurance regulations. Any participants under 18 need their waiver signed by a guardian. The waiver can be found here.

What are multi-room capable games?
Multi-room capable games have modes that allow two or more people in VR to play together. The games are great if you book just one room but if you have two or more rooms booked you can take the experience to the next level. Play a round of mini golf on courses impossible in the real world with your significant other, test your archery skills with your best friend against endless waves of enemies, or make the zombie apocalypse a little less lonely (and a lot less scary) with a partner!

Can we bring in our own food and drink?
We offer concession items such as chips, candy, and drinks however for special occasions the Party Room can be specifically booked and catering, cakes, etc can be brought in. Please call 306 790 4009 to let us know if you would like to reserve the Party Room for use before or after your booking.

Do you offer refunds?
Payment is made when you show up for your booking prior to starting your session. If there is an unforeseen incident such as equipment failure, we will provide a raincheck and/or coupon for future use.

Can I buy Gift Cards?
You can buy gift cards in-store or online here!

How do I cancel my booking?
After confirming your booking, a cancellation link will be provided within your confirmation email. If you need to cancel, please use this link so that the room will become free for others to reserve it.

Still have questions?
Contact us at: info@thegridvr.ca or give us a call at (306) 790 4009

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