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Our Story

The Grid VR Arcade is owned and operated by Regina’s renowned audio post-production and interactive media house, Talking Dog Studios. Many people know us as the team responsible for the sound and music on the hit TV series Corner Gas. That part of our work continues: recently we’ve created the audio for a number of feature films starring well-known names such as Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, and Michael J. Fox. Since 2009, we’ve also been expanding into the exciting worlds of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality, creating content for a long list of happy clients. In October 2016, we opened The Grid VR Arcade as part of our facility.

The first arcade of its kind in western Canada, and the second in the nation, The Grid is all about experiencing the latest in cutting edge technology: Virtual Reality. This is “room scale” VR, where the person wearing the headset can roam freely around the room, picking virtual objects up off the floor, peering under table tops, or battling zombies that are alarmingly eye-to-eye.

The Grid has three rooms that each allow up to 4 people, plus a fourth “Premium” room which is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate up to 6. Each room is equipped with an HTC Vive system as well as big TVs and comfortable seating for observing play and socializing. It’s fun for the whole group!

The Grid’s library of games is constantly being updated, we have roughly two dozen games to choose from. For info on our current offerings click this link:

Our prices are per room rather than per person, and start at $24.95/hour. While walk-ins are welcome, to be assured a room is available please use our online booking system. Online bookings will be taken up to 30 minutes prior to start time:

Hours of operation:

Mondays - Tuesdays 10am to 5pm
Wednesdays - Fridays 10am to 11 am
Saturdays 11am to 11pm
Sundays & Holidays 11am to 9pm

Online bookings will be taken up to 30 minutes prior to

The Grid VR Arcade is located at: 1212A Winnipeg Street

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