Premium Room
Standard Room
Standard Room
Standard Room
Standard Room

No one under the age of 8 will be allowed in the rooms (including infants) even as spectators due to insurance regulations, this is for their safety. It is recommended that participants be aged 14+, however if accompanied by an adult 8-13 year olds can use the VR equipment if they are 48 inches or taller (the supervising adult will be counted in the total maximum people allowed in the room to ensure all spectators have a safe space out of the way of the individual in VR). Waivers for all minors must be signed by legal guardian. The waiver can be found here.

Standard Room: Each standard room fits up to a maximum of 4 people, we highly recommended 30 minutes or more per person.

Premium Room: The premium room fits up to a maximum of 6 people, recommended 4-5.
The premium room is a larger space with lounger style seating and comes with a concession package. This package includes a can of pop and a personal sized bag of chips for each person.

*NOTE* The standard VR Rooms are located on the second floor of our building and are accessed via a staircase. If anyone in your group requires wheelchair accessibility please call (306) 790-4009 so we can guarantee a room on the main floor of our building.

Party Room: To reserve the party room please call (306) 790-4009. The party room cannot be guaranteed if not reserved in advance. A $10/hr charge for the party room may be applied if your booking consists of less than 2 VR Rooms.