Make your next party or event something to be remembered!


What is The Grid Mobile Rental?

The Grid Mobile Rental is how you can include an awesome VR experience at your next party or event. Whether you are looking to include VR in your next brand activation, corporate event, or private party; we can help make your offsite VR rental a reality!

How does it work?

You book a time, then we do all the setup and provide staff to look after all the equipment. You and your guests get to enjoy all the great VR games and experiences offered by The Grid VR Arcade. While one person is in VR everyone else can see what they are seeing via external displays.

What types of games and experiences are there with the Mobile Rental?

Almost every game offered in our regular VR Rooms is available to be played on the Mobile unit (with the exception of a few games that require internet access if none is available at the event site). The full list can be found here!


Do I need a lot of space?

Our system allows players to move around in VR, as such we do need a bit of space. We need a 10 foot by 10 foot area for a proper play space plus a little extra on the sides to set up our equipment. Wherever the system is set up also needs a ceiling tall enough for players to be able to fully extend their arms above their head.

Other than space what else do you need?

Mostly just power to run the equipment and some time before and after the rental duration for us to setup and take down the equipment. There are a few limitations, our equipment does not work outdoors in direct sunlight or in spaces with too many mirrors such as some dance halls or lobbies that have mirrored walls.

What equipment is included in the rental?

The rental comes with one HTC Vive Headset, two HTC Vive Controllers, two HTC Vive Lighthouses (tracking sensors), one Display to show what the player in VR sees, one audio system, sanitization supplies, our Library Catalog of VR Games & Experiences, and staff to setup, run the equipment, and help guests.


How much does it cost?

$300 for two hours, then $100 for each additional hour, and a $250 damage deposit (refundable after event). This price includes all the equipment, staff for the duration of the event to help people and run the equipment so party goers are free to play, plus setup before and tear down after the event.

How do I book?

The easiest way is to email us directly at or give us a call at (306)790-4009.