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What is a VR Arcade?
A VR Arcade is like an ordinary arcade but with Virtual Reality equipment. Instead of paying with quarters you rent a room for a duration and play as much as you want during that time. In the case of The Grid VR Arcade we have 4 private rooms, 3 that accommodate up to 4 people and a Premium Room that fits up to 6. Please note, for safety no one under 8 is allowed into the VR rooms, children 8 to 13 must have a supervising adult present at all times, and ages 14 to 17 can play by themselves if they have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.

How does it work?
Using our online booking system you reserve a room. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your booking to pay, fill out waiver forms, receive instructions on how to use the equipment, and learn about new experiences. If you’d prefer to fill it out in advance, the waiver can be found here.

From there you and your party are taken to your room where you will find one HTC Vive Headset and a set of controllers. This is “room scale” VR, where the person wearing the headset can roam freely around the room, picking virtual objects up off the floor, peering under table tops, battling zombies that are alarmingly eye-to-eye with you. With comfortable seating and big screen TVs, the rest of your party can see and hear what you’re experiencing while they await their turn: it's fun for the whole group!

Now you can go downhill skiing, soar above a city, or frantically dodge the bullets of hostile robots! Play some crazy mini-golf, slice fruit with giant ninja swords, or create a fantastic virtual reality sculpture! New games are added regularly.

What games and experiences do you offer?
Our catalogue of offerings is continuously being updated.

We have action packed games like 'Space Pirate Trainer' (duck, dodge, and weave around on-coming fire as you use your dual blasters to destroy flying robots), cooperative games like 'Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes' (the player in VR has to defuse a bomb, only they can see the bomb, only their friends outside of VR have the instructions on how to defuse it, both must work together to beat the timer), and even multi-room capable games such as 'Arizona Sunshine' (survive endless waves of zombies or play through a narrative campaign) that if you book multiple rooms allows you and a friend to play through unique experiences together.

To see our complete catalogue, go - here!

What does it cost?
Standard rooms (accommodates up to 4 people) for $29.95 an hour.
Premium room (accommodates up to 6 people) for $39.95 an hour.

We accept all major credit cards, debit and cash for payment. Gift certificates are available.

When is The Grid open?
Monday-Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday-Friday 10am-11pm
Saturdays 11am-11pm
Sundays & Holidays 11am-9pm

How do I book?
Simply fill out your contact information and select your time in our online booking system - here!

*If you require wheelchair access for any member of your party please book our Premium Room, as the other rooms are upstairs. Please call 306-790-4009 if you need further info.

Where is The Grid located?
The Grid VR Arcade is located at 1212A Winnipeg Street, Regina SK

What about bigger groups?
We have four rooms available for rent. Two of the rooms are connected for easy interaction and we have a Party Room where you can mingle as well. If you rent out all four rooms you can have a group size of up to 18 people. We also offer daytime sessions for corporate team building. For more info please contact us at: 306-359-3662

Still have more questions?
For more information go to our FAQ section: here!